my life plan is less thought out than my plan on how i eat my sandwiches

Going through the MATLAB tag instead of actually working on the assignment due tomorrow

4,000 posts!
holy crap i’ve wasted a lot of time on tumblr
lol the email said “That’s a lot of posts! It would take an average cat nearly 30 years to read your entire blog.”
30 years.

can’t stop listening to Katy Perry’s Prism (well only the first half. lol)

I especially like the beat in Dark Horse; it’s playing in my head constantly.

the first half is a solid pop album. generic lyrics but good head boppin music. idk i like the variety in this album. but i can’t even finish the songs in the second half…. 

yo send me an ask for my sorta personal tumblr if u wanna know more about me and college and stuff i’m gonna try to update it more frequently um yep that’s it~

started my first day of “college”!!! well not really its like a 10 day precalc/calc refresher class and the teacher seems really cool but i feel kinda awk almost all these people are like..  older than me o_0. like a lot of them havent done math in like 5-10 years lol.

but it was fun and i guess i have more time to explore psu so thats good~

i baked banana bread (for like the 3rd time in the past few weeks….. i’m getting addicted lol) 

and then i went to see the 1D movie (yep i admit it i <3 them enough to see the movie) with friends and we saw some people that i did not expect to be there loll.  it made me smile the whole time and sing along to it and idk, it was just good. too bad there wasn’t much of zayn…. he was sleeping most of the time lol. but him and harry and basically all of them, fjadskl 

gawd this movie made me like them even more -_- 

currently listening to: Teenage Dirtbag on repeat (they sang a cover in the movie :D) and working on math hw with tumblr breaks in between…. im trying to sleep in the next 30 mins


i’m going to start posting more of my own stuff on here 

hi guys i like summer

note to self drink more water and apply for jobs

i love when i rediscover an old favorite song it just evokes so many old memories and feels i love it

random list

  • slept for 17 hrs yesterday// today i think i’m finally not sleep deprived anymore yay
  • my grades suck right now ugh at this point i just want more a’s than b’s but i dont even know if that’s possible oh well 
  • i think there’s like 12 days of school left?!!! it’s kinda hard to believe
  • i have a good feeling about this summer ^_^
  • i kind of want/ need a job/ need to babysit more because i’m spending so much money (mostly on food lol) right now and im gonna spend a lot in the summer too gah i want new clothes too $_$
  • my room’s a messs
  • after school’s out im just going to throw away most of my crap and start all over
  • i need to start jogging/exercising again too lol i wanna lose ~5-10 lbs
  • yep that’s it

i’m so overwhelmed right now there’s just too much going on too much to do 

i want to take a shower and crawl in my bed and sleep for days but there’s just SO MUCH STUFF I NEED TO DO.

i’m so done

April was good to me :)